Politecnico di Milano undertakes from now on to meet the needs of our best sports students, in order to make one’s commitment as student compatible with that as high-level sportsman!

How? Thanks to the Dual Career programme!!
1.   During the periods of sports activity recognised for the usually compulsory attendance programmes, the obligation to attend them is revoked;
2.   There is the possibility, at the lecturers’ discretion, to carry out exams outside exam dates if the official exam dates coincide with the recognised sports activities;
3.   a Tutor is going to be identified in each School to assist the student in liaising with the lecturers on the application of these measures.

The categories of admitted students are:
•   Athletes involved in programmes of preparation for summer and winter Olympics/Paralympics;
•   national teams athletes;
•   Individual sports athletes ranked among the top 12 of the absolute or the youth national ranking at the start of the academic year;
•   Athletes recognised as of “national interest”.

The recognised sports activities are:
•   Sports governed by the National Sports Federations and CONI (Italian Olympic Committee)’s Associated Sports Disciplines;
•   International competitions (World competitions, Olympics/Paralympics, World Cup, World University Games);
•   Group training sessions to prepare for the aforementioned competitions.

Students have to:
1.   apply to join the programme by sending the application form along with a declaration of eligibility issued by one’s Federation or Associated Discipline to the e-mail address sport@polimi.it;
2.   notify the Tutor/lecturers in advance of the period of absence and agree on the manner of carrying out an exam after conduct of the recognised activities: provide the Tutor/lecturers with a statement about participation in group activity and/or the results achieved in the event of participation in a competition issued by one’s Federation or Associated Discipline;
3.   notify the Sport Service of the results achieved should they take part in a competition.

Who are the Tutors for each school?
•   School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineerings: Prof. Maria Pilar Vettori
•   School of Design: Mrs. Stefania Ramonda
•   School of Civil, Environmental and Land Management engineering: Mr. Marco Bogani  |  Mrs. Monia Bertolametti
•   School of Industrial and Information Engineering: Mr. Marco Bogani  |  Mrs. Monia Bertolametti

For Politecnico di Milano, sport and study must coexist as best as possible; apply to take part in the Dual Career programme of our University!