Polimi Motorcycle Factory

Polimi Motorcycle Factory was founded in 2015 from an idea of five students of Mechanical Engineering, with the aim TO taking part at Motostudent championship.

With more than 1.500 participating students, 50 universities from all over the world Motostudent is becoming an important event in the motorcycle and university world.

The goal of each team participating in the competition is to plan, implement and evaluate a prototype of motorbike and compete with other universities in the Aragòn circuit in Spain.

Each team must behave as a true manufacturer and try to sell his product to “public”, preparing business plan of a standard bike derived from prototype.

Organization provides to participating teams a starting kit composed of a 4-stroke engine 250cc, a set of tires, rims and main components of the braking system; all remaining parts must be designed or purchased.

Competition is developed in two phases::
MS1, where project is judged in industrial aspects, evaluating costs, design, innovation, industrialization.
MS2, where prototype is judged by evaluating acceleration, braking, maneuverability, to race track in competition with other teams.

Gran prix will take place in October 2016, in Spain, in the circuit of Aragón. Aragòn.

MotoStudent offers opportunity to engage in a real project, putting into practice students’ theoretical knowledge, work in teams and deal with sector companies, thus integrating academic studies with practical and challenge with other university teams from all over the world!


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