ANNUAL CARD (expire on August 31, every year)

Cost: 20 €

It includes:

    – insurance and CUS membership
    – free running Giuriati Sport Center

There are two ways to get the card:
        1) (only for students) register through the CUS Milano website, following the online registration procedure, in detail:
            – fill in the form with all the required data;
            – you will receive a first email with a link to click on to confirm your membership, once you have confirmed you will
               receive a second email with the credentials to be used to log into the cus website;
            – students are required to enter university data and upload a document certifying the university erollment;
            – pay online the membership fee, 20 €
            – it is therefore possible to book a free medical examination; unless off course you already have a valid Italian medical
               certificate for competitive or non-competitive sports with an electrocardiogram, if you have it bring it to our
               Sport Infopoint when you come to get the card.

        2) (for students and Polimi employees) go to one of our offices equipped with:
            – 20 € (for student) – membership fee
            – medical certificate of suitability for competitive or non-competitive sportin practice
            – if you don’t have the medical certificate you can book at the same time your free medical examination

        PAY ATTENTION: Your membership is to be considered completed only after CUS Milano doctor gives you medical fitness
        or if you present a proper valid medical certificate at the time of payment of the 20 € membership fee.

        Medical certificate for competitive or non-competitive sport activity must be in italian language and can be in original or in copy.

        NOTE: Medical free certificate is only valid for Polimi Sport Card (in collaboration with CUS Milano) and can’t be used in other
        sport centers; a confirmation receipt of completed medical check will be issued at student, but no one certificate!

        STUDENTS OF OTHER UNIVERSITIES:: Even students of other universities can take advantage of the Sports Membership
        by activating the PoloSportivo package; in addition to the membership costs required by the own university, you must pay the
        fee of € 50 per year to activate the subscription that allows free access to many facilities in Lecco, Mantova and Piacenza.
        The Polo Sportivo package can only be activated by going to our Sport Infopoints.