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What are the affiliated facilities and how can I access them?

It is a series of sports facilities of various kinds which the Politecnico di Milano has made agreements with to activate a service that allows students and employees of Politecnico di Milano in possession of the Basic Subscription to access the aforementioned affiliated structures at a remarkably advantageous cost.

In order to access the affiliated sports facilities, it is necessary to purchase the correspondig package and to book online through your personal area of the Sport website.

Piani di Bobbio

Piani di Bobbio: Cablecar (from Barzio) and ski pass for skiing and cross-country skiing, valid all over the ski area.

Access the Piani di Bobbio ski facility, from Monday to Sunday, with the Ski Package (45€) + Basic Subscription (25€).

To access, it is mandatory to make an online reservation under the voice "My reservations" in the personal area of ​​the Sport website.
The number of daily entries is limited, up to 12 members will be able to enter each day.*
Reservations open 64 hours in advance and can be canceled within 24 hours preceding the selected date (e.g. reservations for Sunday will open on Thursday at 08.00 am and can be canceled until 11.00 pm on Friday).
To access the slopes you will need to go to the ticket office, communicate your name and show a ID card, if the booking is in order you will get your ski pass.
Barzio-Piani di Bobbio cableways open for the winter season 2022/2023.
The subscription is personal and cannot be transferred to others.

Check the snow conditions and the opening of the cross-country tracks on the facility website.

Address: Località La Piazza 1, Barzio (LC)
Telephone: 0341 996101



*We ask for your full cooperation in canceling reservations that you will not be able to use, so as not to deprive others of the service.The Politecnico reserves the right to monitor the actual use of reservations, if the bookings are not canceled in time (so as to make the slot available again) provisions will be taken. First failed cancellation, a recall, second failed cancellation, blocking of the possibility of booking for two weeks.

Mantova - ENERGYM


Access with the Subscription Mantova - Gym (60€) and the Basic Subscription.
For students and employees of the Mantova campus already in possession of a medical certificate, the Basic subscription is free from this year!

Here are the steps to follow to take advantage of the Subscription Mantova - Gym and the free Basic:

  • log in to the personal area of ​​the sport website at this link:
  • get to the Basic subscription purchase screen but DO NOT proceed with the payment;
  • send an email to indicating "Basic Subscription Mantova" in the subject, insert your name, surname and person code in the body of the email, attach a medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activity currently valid;
  • wait for the activation of the free Basic Subscription;
  • proceed with the purchase of the gym membership (cost €60).

If, on the other hand, you want to take advantage of the medical examination in Milan, you can normally purchase the Basic (€30) and book the examination at the Giuriati Sports Centre.

Limited number of daily admissions, online booking required at "My bookings" of the personal area of the Sport website.
Electronic access control.
Valid until 31/07/2024

To access the gym and use the service it is necessary to have a medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activities.

Address: Via Valsesia 32, 46100, Mantova
Hours: MON -FRI from 8 am to 9.30 pm
              SAT from 8 am to 6 pm

For info write to:

Buy the Subscription Mantova - Gym