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PolimiRun Spring 2023

Why do you run the PolimiRun?

The adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring is back on May 28, the run organized by Politecnico di Milano open to everyone! The 10 km non-competitive and competitive run that connects the two Milanese campuses of Politecnico, from Leonardo to Bovisa.

Everyone runs the PolimiRun for a different reason: some do it to beat a personal best, some to meet up with friends, some to stay fit and some do it simply because they like it! PolimiRunners are a community that runs, has fun, respects the environment and always reaches its goal. Why do you run the PolimiRun?

This year everyone can share their "I run because" to help us create the most passionate PolimiRun ever! Write your “because” in the registration form!

REGISTRATION INCLUDES: Official adidas technical shirt, bib, disposable chip, insurance, medical assistance, half-way refreshment, final refreshment, race pack, bag deposit.


for the most passionate polimirun ever

10 KM NON competitivE

The non-competitive run open to all!


Run with your friends and family and let us know your "I run because"! Do you want to reunite with your former classmates? Do you want to get back in shape? Do you want to spend a day dedicated to sport and fun? The non-competitive PolimiRun is the one for you!





10 KM competitivE

The competitive race for lovers of challenges


Do you want to beat your personal best? The competitive run is the one for you, the route is almost completely linear! You can participate in the competitive PolimiRun if you have an EPS or FIDAL card or a Runcard and a specific medical certificate for competitive activities.

*Membership and certificate must be valid in Italy on the date of the race.





PolimiRun Kids


The surprises don't end here, discover the first edition of the PolimiRun Kids, the run of Politecnico di Milano for children from 1 to 13 years old. A variable route based on age, from 500 m to 2 km with departure and arrival at the Bovisa Lambruschini campus where the PolimiRun Spring 2023 arrival village will be set up.





road to polimirun

Get ready for the PolimiRun with the adidas Runners Milano, PolimiRun Trainings are back!

The meeting point is in front of the Giuriati Sports Center:

  • every Monday at 6:30 pm - PolimiRun Training, suitable for all levels of preparation;
  • every Thursday at 6:30 pm - PolimiRun Training x Beginners, perfect for those who are now starting to approach the world of running.

To participate in the trainings you need to register for free via the adidas running app.



  1. Open / Download the adidas Running app;
  2. Go to “Community”, click on “Groups and community” and join the adidas Runners Milano;
  3. Go to “scheduled events” and register for the PolimiRun Training!


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