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Prepare the bike: the ride of Politecnico is back!

Have you inflated the wheels and oiled the chains? The second edition of the Politecnico di Milano bicycle race is coming back with its tour between Politecnico di Milano Campuses! We look forward to seeing you in Mantua on 24 September with two truly evocative itineraries that will stop in all the most scenic points of the city and then they will bring us towards the banks of the Mincio and the Po, to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Mantua area.

The terrain will be mixed, 50% asphalt and 50% gravel, and there are two routes to choose from: one of 32 km also suitable also for the younger PolimiRiders and one of 75 km for lovers of long bike rides in contact with nature .

This year the ride will be entirely non-competitive, really suitable for everyone, also warn your friends and family; it will be a beautiful sports morning full of fun and will of being together, are you ready for it?

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registration and services

REGISTRATION INCLUDES: Official jersey of the event, Risottata upon arrival, race bib, disposable chip for timing detection, race pack containing sponsor products, refreshments along the route and final refreshment, timing service, changing room service, bag storage service, third party liability insurance, mechanical assistance and medical-health, radio aid.


for the second edition of the PolimiRide

32 KM

The bicycle race for everyone!


The non-competitive 32 km PolimiRide is open to everyone! Participate with your friends and family: the route is flat and suitable for all levels of preparation, even for the youngest, and it crosses the city of Mantua, along the coast of Mincio river. The route is about half asphalt and half dirt, with differences from stretch to stretch: it goes from small gravel to narrower stretches (single-track) of well-beaten earth to short stretches a little more bumpy.

Not sure what kind of bike to use? Check out the FAQs

Medical certificate is NOT required.





75 KM

The 75 km race discovering Mantua landscapes


The 75 km PolimiRride is suitable for everyone who loves the long rides in nature, with a beautiful route that reaches the banks of the Po. The route present an elevation gain of about 250m and is half asphalt and half dirt with differences from stretch to stretch: it goes from small gravel to single-track stretches of well-beaten earth to short stretches a little more bumpy. To participate, it is sufficient to have a medical certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports with resting ECG (check out the Fac Simile attached to the official PolimiRide reculation) or a superior kind of certificate for cycling.

Not sure what kind of bike to use? Check out the FAQs

[FCI members, E.P.S. licence holders (for CYCLING discipline), foreign athletes with a UCI membership, or athletes with a CICLOTURISTA card can register by following the "Members Only" procedure.]





Relive the PolimiRide 2023






The race is approved and included in the FCI Mantova calendar.