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What is PolimiRide?

PolimiRide is the bicycle race organized by Politecnico di Milano. The PolimiRide 2023 will take place on Sunday 24 Septmeber 2023 in Mantova on a circular route, with departure and arrival on Piazza Virgiliana, where the PolimiRide Village will be set up. You can sign up for three types of bicycle race:

  • 32 km non-competitive PolimiRide;
  • 75 km non-competitive PolimiRide.

The 32 km non-competitive PolimiRide develops on a flat route suitable for all levels of preparation, even for the youngest, and it crosses the city of Mantua, along the coast of Mincio river. The 75 km non-competitive PolimiRide is suitable for everyone who loves the long rides in nature, with a beautiful route that reaches the banks of the Po; to participate, it is sufficient to have a medical certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports with resting ECG or a superior kind of certificate specifically for cycling.

Which bike to use?

The routes, both the 32km and the 75km one, are half asphalt and half dirt, with differences from stretch to stretch: it goes from small gravel to single-track stretches of well-beaten earth to short stretches a little more bumpy (much will also depend on the weather conditions in the days preceding the event).

The bike
Which bike to use? Let's start with what we don't recommend: the classic racing bike with narrow, smooth tyres. It is not in itself prohibited, however for your safety we recommend using bicycles with wider tyres and possibly with a non-smooth tread pattern. For example: mountain bikes, trekking bikes or gravel bikes. But we wouldn't be surprised if, especially for the shorter ride, someone showed up with city bikes or folding ones. It is possible to use both electric and muscle bikes.

How and within which date can I register for PolimiRide?

Through the website, you can choose whether to participate in the 32 km non-competitive PolimiRide or the 75 km non-competitive PolimiRide. Registration for the 32 km PolimiRide will close on 22 September 2023 and registration for the 75 km PolimiRide will close on 20 September 2023 or upon reaching the maximum number subscribers. The Organization therefore reserves the right to close the registrations early or to accept them after the closing date at its sole discretion and on the basis of the regulations in force in the period preceding the PolimiRide.


What are the requirements to register for the competitive and non-competitive 74 km PolimiRide?

To participate in the 32 km non-competitive PolimiRide, medical certificate is NOT required. The minimum age is 13.

To participate in 75 km non-competitive PolimiRide it is necessary to have a medical certificate for non-competitive sporting practice with resting ECG or a superior kind of certificate specifically for cyclism valid on the date of the event. The minimum age is 14.


Is the participation allowed to minors?

Registration for the 32 km PolimiRide and the 75 km PolimiRide for children aged to 17 must be carried out by a parent or legal guardian.

Children under 13 cannot be registered but can participate in the non-competitive race accompanied by a parent; they will not be equipped with the race kit (t-shirt, bib, chip).

The routes are accessibles to everyone and can also be done by the little ones.

It is possible to register for the 32 km PolimiRide from the age of 13; it is possible to register for the 75 km PolimiRide from the age of 14.

Is the helmet mandatory for everyone?

Yes, all participants must wear an approved helmet for the entire duration of the race, regardless of the type of PolimiRide to which they are registered.


What does the registration fee include?

Your registration for PolimiRide 2023 includes: official t-shirt of the event, race bib, disposable chip for timing detection, race kit with products from our sponsors, refreshments along the routes and final refreshment, rice party at the Village, changing rooms, bag deposit, RCT insurance, mechanical assistance, medical assistance and radio rescue.


What services are available for bikes?

On Friday 22 September you can leave your bike at the race kit distribution point set up inside the C.S. Giuriati (side gate) at the same times as the race kit delivery; we will bring your bike to the PolimiRide Village that will be set up in Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova, and on the day of the race you will find it there, nearby starting line, from 8:30 am. The service is available for a limited number of bicycles; the transport will be a mass one and it will by truck, it’s not allowed for bicycles of high economic value because a full protection from bumps and scratches during the transfer cannot be guaranteed. The bike storage will be guarded even at night. The bikes transported to Mantova will be returned to Milano until the end of the event (you have to leave your bike at Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova, until the end of the event) and returned to you on Monday 25 September in the same place where you were delivered your bike on Friday.

In the registration form, you can express your interest in using the trasport service and you will be contacted to confirm you the possibility of using it.

To enjoy the final awards and party, at the end of the race all the bikes can be left in the guarded deposit set up in the PolimiRide Village, Piazza Virgiliana.

If you don't have a bike, you can rent one (for a fee, the bikes available are in a limited number) at this linkand you will pick it up the morning of the race at the PolimiRide Village set up in Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova, otherwise we have made new bicycles available for renting with a discounted price for our PolimiRiders, thanks to the agreement with Mantovabikexperience. The new bicycles and equipments available (that you can pick up in the Mantovabikexperience stand in Piazza Virgiliana) are:

  • trekking bike for adults with 21V gearbox and covers with puncture protection at the discounted price of 15 euros;
  • trekking e-bike at the discounted price of 30 euros;
  • muscular tandems at a cost of 30 euros;
  • 24-inch children's bike at a cost of 10 euros;
  • child seats at a cost of 5 euros;
  • trolleys for children at a cost of 15 euros;
  • bike helmet for 5 euros (mandatory to participate).

To benefit from the dedicated discounts, each PolimiRider must book his own bicycle and accessories (while stocks last) by sending an email to attaching the confirmation of your PolimiRide registration and stating the height of the person the bike is destined to or directly the size of the requested bike. The company may request advance payment of the rental. The number of bikes available is limited! 

I am registered for the non-competitive 75 km race and my registration is not compliant: why?

Your registration to the non-competitive 75 km PolimiRide may be non-compliant if you have not uploaded a valid medical certificate: you have until the day you pick up your race kit to present a suitable one. For any information on your registration to the competitive or non-competitive 75 km PolimiRide you can send an email to

Where, when and how can I pick up my race kit?

To collect it, you need to bring an email with your bib number and an identity document.

It is possible to collect the official race jersey, bib, chip and race kit at the following places and times:

  • Campus Milano Leonardo, C.S. Giuriati, Via Pascal: Friday 22 September from 11:00 am to 19:00 pm
  • PolimiRide Village, Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova: Saturday 23 September from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm
  • PolimiRide Village, Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova: Sunday 24 September from 8:30 am to 10:00 am

At the time of registration (for the 32 km ride) or in the week of the race (for the 75 km ride) you will receive an email with your bib number, show it to the staff to collect the race kit . Together with the bib, you will be given the jersey and the official race bag. Close to the event, you will be sent an email with dates, times and all the necessary information.

When you collect your kit, you can communicate to the staff the size of the shirt you prefer. For hygene reasons, the collected shirt cannot be replaced under any circumstances. FOR THIS REASON WE KINDLY ASK YOU TO CHECK IMMEDIATELY ON SITE THAT THE ASSIGNED SIZE AND MODEL ARE CORRECT.

The race kit can be collected only and exclusively in the places, days and times indicated.

I did not receive the confirmation email with my bib number. What can I do?

If you have not received the confirmation email after your registration to the 32 km try to check the Spam/Junk and if you can’t find it there, write to attaching your payment receipt. If you have registered for the 75 km PolimiRide, your bib number will be sent to you by email during the week of the race. For any information on your registration to the competitive or non-competitive 75 km PolimiRide you can send an email to


Can I pick up the race kit for another person?

Yes; in order to do that you must show (on your smartphone) the email received by your friend with his bib number and also a digital copy of his identity document.


Where is the start? Where is the finish line?

We will leave at 10:30 am from Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova; the route is circular, departure and arrival will coincide. The PolimiRide Village will be set up in Piazza Virgiliana where you will find all the useful services (refreshments, bathrooms, changing rooms, bag storage, bike parking).


How do you enter the Village and how does the departure work?

The access time to the PolimiRide Village (set up in Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova) is from 8:30 am to 10:00 am; In the days before the race we will send you by email all the information on how to access the Village. At the entrance, random checks will be carried out with metal detectors.

You can collect your race kit at the PolimiRide Village, where all other services will be also set up.

The start of the PolimiRide will be at 10:30 am from Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova; inside the starting area, the athletes must position themselves in this order:

  • in the lead the athletes registered in the non-competitive 75 km PolimiRide;
  • following the athletes registered in the non-competitive 32 km PolimiRide.

The groups will be recognizable by the color of the dorsal; in fact, each type of race (32 km non-competitive and 75 km non-competitive) will be assigned a different dorsal color.

The departure will be at a controlled speed: all the participants will start together, covering the first 7 km for the 32 km PolimiRide and the first 5 km for the 75 km PolimiRide at the same speed. Thereafter, each participant will follow the route on their own and must follow the rules of the Highway Code. Both routes will, however, be overseen by permanent and escort personnel to guarantee the safety of all participants.

Is the bag deposit service available?

The bag storage service will be available on Sunday 24 September from 8:30 am to 10:00 am at the PolimiRide Village set up in Piazza Virgiliana, Mantova, there it will be possible to deposit the bag given with the race kit (the one containing the gadgets of the sponsors) with everything you will need after the finish line.

N.B. It will not be possible to deposit a bag other than the one provided by the organization at the time of the kit collection or similar bags accepted at the discretion of the organization.

Is it possible to get changed before / after the race?

There will be spaces on the PolimiRide Village used as changing rooms. There will be no showers.

What will there be waiting for you at the finish line?

Both rides finish in Via Cairoli at the corner with Piazza Seminario; after the finish line the athletes will be guided towards the final refreshment area and then to the PolimiRide 2023 Village in Piazza Virgiliana.

The services that you will find once you reach the finish line are:

  • final refreshment gluten and lactose free;
  • changing rooms;
  • bathrooms;
  • bag deposit, where you can retrieve your previously deposited bag;
  • secure parking where you can leave your bike to enjoy the final party and awards.

At the end of the race, stay with us for the final awards and the risotto mantovano party!

Where will I find the ranking? Who will be awarded?

After the race, on the website you will find a link to view your time. There will be a list of the participants drawn up in alphabetical order (the non-competitive race does not include any ranking).

Some non-competitive participants will be called on stage for recognition.

The prizes will be delivered only and exclusively at the time of the awards ceremony on the day of the event.


How can I watch my photos after the race?

We will publish the official PolimiRide album and video on the Facebook profile Sport – Politecnico di Milano.