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Dual career

For high-level Sports Students

The Politecnico di Milano is committed to meeting the needs of our best sports students, to make the commitment of a student compatible with that of a high-level sportsman/woman!

How? With the Dual Career programme!

  • During periods of recognized sporting activity for courses that are normally compulsory attendance, the obligation is revoked;
  • There is the possibility, at the lecturers’ discretion, to carry out exams outside exam dates if the official exam dates coincide with the recognised sports activities;
  • A Tutor at each School will assist the student in dealing with the lecturers regarding the application of these measures;
  • free access to the University’s sports facilities.

The criteria for admission of students to the program are: 

- for members of teams:

  • participation in the federal championship of maximum category and/ or participation in the championship immediately below the highest category;
  • convocation in a national team (including youth) in the 12 months preceding the submission of the application.

- for athletes practising individual sport:

  • participation in an absolute championship in the 12 months preceding the application;
  • convocation in a national team (including youth) to participate in an international event in the last 12 months;
  • presence in the top 12 places in the absolute national or youth ranking in the last 12 months. 

Compliance with only one of the above criteria is sufficient.

To join the programme, students can apply by sending to

  • The application form;
  • A declaration of eligibility issued by one’s Federation or Associated Discipline

The recognised sports activities are:

  • Sports governed by the National Sports Federations and Associated Sports Disciplines of CONI (Italian Olympic Committee);
  • International competitions (World competitions, Olympics/Paralympics, World Cup, World University Games);
  • Group training sessions to prepare for the aforementioned competitions.

From the moment the application is approved, students are part of the programme and are required to:

  • Notify the Tutor/lecturer in advance of the period of absence and agree on the manner of carrying out an exam
  • After conduct of the recognised activities: provide the Tutor/lecturers with a statement about participation in group activity and/or the results achieved in the event of participation in a competition issued by one’s Federation or Associated Discipline;
  • Communicate the results achieved in the event of a competition to the  Sport Service . 

Who are the Tutors for each school?

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