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PolimiRun for businesses

Take part in the race

The PolimiRun can be an excellent team-building opportunity for your company, a moment to come together with your colleagues for a common purpose: to train and run together, achieve the same goal, surpass yourselves and other companies in our team challenge!

We have thought of a series of services dedicated to corporate groups:

  • Simplified registration through vouchers
  • Meeting area for corporate groups
  • Group photo
  • Challenge for the largest corporate team


To participate in the challenge, the company can purchase a package of bibs (minimum 10) and have its employees register in the corporate team with very easy-to-use vouchers.

Join the PolimiRun Spring 2024 challenge with your corporate team and challenge other participating companies! The largest team will be rewarded after the race. The more participants and the number of those who show up at the starting line, the easier it will be to win! The winning company will be awarded an official recognition as the largest corporate team!

To register your company, contact us at: 


If your company sponsors the PolimiRun Spring 2024, the sponsorship already includes the purchase of 100 bibs to register your employees in the relevant corporate group using vouchers. Join your company's team and lead it to victory! The team of sponsor companies with the highest number of participants will receive an official recognition as the largest sponsor team.

Support sports at Politecnico di Milano

At Politecnico di Milano, sports has always been accompanied by important corporate partners, essential in making of our run the beautiful, eco-friendly, inclusive, and fun event that we all know since 2016.

If your company shares our values related to sports, well-being, fun, and sustainable development, we invite you to write to us to learn more about becoming a sponsor for our events!

We will be happy to work together to translate these values into concrete and effectiveactions targeting our diverse audience, including students, graduates, employees, and enthusiasts of all ages. Not to mention the children who participate in our fantastic PolimiRun Kids!

There are various sponsorship packages available, adaptable to the needs of your company. To learn more, please write