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What are the differences between COMPETITIVE and NON-COMPETITIVE PolimiRun Spring?

The registration to the competitive race is allowed only to members of a EPS or FIDAL or Runcard owners with a medical certificate for competitive sports specific for light athletics. The member card and the certificate must be valid at the date of the race. The group registered for the competitive PolimiRun Spring will start first. The route, the T-shirt and the services will be the same for everyone.


Tips to face the PolimiRun in the early Summer heat!

12 simple tips to follow:

1) Do not assume alcohol in the days before the run: it can lead to de-hydration. Moreover, alcohol may cause a reduction in muscular blow flow.

2) Caffeine causes an increase in basal metabolism resulting in an increase of energy demand. Anyway, you may take low caffeine doses before the run (1 cup of “espresso” or 1-3 ml pro kg of caffeine).

3) Drink adequately! Avoid to drink a lot: 0,5-1 lt. of water is the ideal amount that can be drinked before the run. In the days before the race is advised to take at least 2lt of water per day; in this way achieve a proper and gradual hydration. It’s essential to drink in small sips 1-2 glasses of water every 30 min during the race. In any case do not ignore your thirst.

4) With ambient temperature of 20°degrees, it is recommended to perform regular sponge bath; for temperatures below 15° degrees or in event of wind/rain, bring a suitable clothing with you. Regular intake of liquids provides a fundamental contribution to maintain temperature control.

5) Sweating supplements can cause loss of fluid and minerals, it is advisable to take 250-300ml of mineral supplements a few hours before the race. The abused of supplements can have detrimental effects to the body. Respect the doses recommended by the manufacturers. Use of stimulants like taurine may be harmful.

6) The morning of the race it is recommended a light breakfast carbohydrates-based, at least 2 hours before the start of the race.

7) If you are diabetic, contact your doctor before you rush, and agrees with him an appropriate diet plan just before and after the race. Along the way remember to take regular snacks to the refreshment.

8) 15-20% of runners accuses gastrointestinal symptoms during competition; even minor gastrointestinal l events are associated with reduced performance. The assumption of sugary drinks, immediately before and during the competition, stimulates gastric empting and increase the need to open your bowel

9) Taking NSAIDs without medical indications can cause serious side effects. If you take any kind of therapy, ask to your family doctor before start the competition.

10) Recovery by physical efforts becomes within 1hour after the end of the race. It is helpful to take simple sugar or at a reduced degree of complexity over the competition. Do not forget proper hydration to restore the proper idrosalin heritage of the body, with water and supplements.

11) Do not go beyond your limits! If you are tired, you do not feel well or in case of severe pain stop to run. If in the days before the run you have got flu symptoms, especially gastrointestinal do not run.

12) Despite the best Training the race is an important challenge for your body. Along the route is present Medical service ready to intervene if needed. All staff of Polimirun can activate the emergency system; refer to them in case of need. You can also careful help directly to ambulances hospital fields and ALS cars placing on the path. In case of emergency you can contact by phone 112.

How and by what date can I register for PolimiRun Spring?

You can register for PolimiRun Spring through our website You can choose whether to participate in non-competitive or competitive PolimiRun Spring. The registrations will close on May 26, 2023 or till the sold out. In any case, the Organization reserves the right to close registrations in advance or to accept them after the closing date at its sole discretion.


What does the registration fee include?

Your registration for PolimiRun Spring 2023 includes: official adidas jersey, bib with disposable chip to track your time, race pack with sponsors’ gadgets, bag deposit active in the days before the race, mid- and end-of-race refreshments, RCT insurance and injury insurance according to the policy in the ASI 2023 agreement, technical and medical assistance.


Where, when and how can I pick up my race kit?

You can collect official race jersey, race bib and race kit in the following places and times:

  • Campus Milano Bovisa La Masa in the main square of the campus, in front of the hill, near the B19 building: Wednesday 24 May from 10.00 to 18.00
  • Campus Milano Leonardo, in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci: Friday 26 May from 11:00 to 20:00 and Saturday 27 May from 10:00 to 16:00

After the registration you will receive an email with your bib number, show it, with your ID card, at the moment of the collection of your race bib. Together with the race bib, you will receive the T-shirt and the official race pack. Just before the event, you will receive an email with dates, times and all the necessary and definitive information.
Competitive race participants will receive the email with the bib number in the week of the race.

It is not possible to pick up the race kit on the day of the race unless people who come from outside the Lombardy region: only they can pick up the race bib on Sunday, May 28 from 7:30 to 8:15 at Piazza Leonardo da Vinci. To pick up the race kit you have to show the email with your bib number and an identity document.

When you collect your kit, you can communicate to the staff the size of the shirt you prefer. For hygene reasons, the collected shirt cannot be replaced under any circumstances. FOR THIS REASON WE KINDLY ASK YOU TO CHECK IMMEDIATELY ON SITE THAT THE ASSIGNED SIZE AND MODEL ARE CORRECT.

The race kit can be collected only and exclusively in the places, days and times indicated.

I did not receive the confirmation email with my bib number. What can I do?

If you have not received the confirmation email right after your registration to the PolimiRun Spring, try checking the SPAM folder and if you cannot find it there, write to eventi-sport@polimi.itand attach your payment receipt; we will send you a new confirmation email. Competitive runners will receive an email with the bib number in the week of the race.


Can I pick up the racing bib for another person?

Yes; in order to do that you must show (on your smartphone) the email received by your friend with his bib number and also a digital copy of his identity document.


Is the participation allowed to minors? Can I come with a stroller? 

Registration for children aged 14 to 17 (on the day of the race) must be taken care of by a parent or a legal guardian.

Children under 14 years cannot be registered but they can participate with a parent; they will not be equipped with a jersey and bib with a chip for the timing. Alternatively, minors between the ages of 2 and 13 can participate in the PolimiRun Kids! Find out all the details here.

The PolimiRUn Spring route is accessible to everyone and you can also run with strollers.

I am a person with disabilities: what is it useful for me to know?

All services will be accessible to all and the route will be free of architectural barriers.

If you have any specific needs, please let us know by writing an email to so that we can support you in the best possible way from today to the day of the race; we will be happy to answer all your questions and clarify any doubts.

Where is the start? Where is the finish line?

The start will be at 8.30 from Piazza Leonardo da Vinci and the finish line is in Bovisa Lambruschini campus in via Lambruschini. There, you will find the PolimiRun Village, where you can find all the services (refreshment stand, toilets, changing rooms).


Is it possible to walk the PolimiRun?

You can keep the pace you prefer, but please remember that after 1 hour and 40 minutes the organization will no longer guarantee the safety on the route because the streets will be reopened. The time limit of one hour and 40 minutes is calculated starting from the passage of the last athlete under the starting arch.

If you are tired, you will still be able to exit the race course in some points, which will be located near some subway stations; in this way you can reach the arrival Village at the Bovisa Campus using public transport. These points will be located approximately at the 4th, 5th and 6th kilometers:


  • 4th km | Milano Pt. Garibaldi stop: Milano Porta Garibaldi Malpensa Airport T.1 line or at track 2 underground lines S1 (Saronno) and S13 (Milano Bovisa Politecnico) direct to Milano Bovisa Politecnico
  • 5th km | M5 Monumentale Stop: to San Siro Stadio for 3 stops, get off at Domodossola, lines S3 (Saronno), REG 635 (Canzo Asso), S4 (Camnago Lentate), REG 35 (Laveno Mombello Lago), REG 135 (Como Lago), REG 4235 (Novara Nord)
  • 6th km | M5 Cenisio Stop: to San Siro Stadio for 2 stops, get off at Domodossola, lines S3 (Saronno), REG 635 (Canzo Asso), S4 (Camnago Lentate), REG 35 (Laveno Mombello Lago), REG 135 (Como Lago), REG 4235 (Novara Nord)

How does the bag storage work?

For logistical and security reasons it won’t be possible to transport your bags from departure to arrival. We have set up a bag deposit service in the days before the race; the procedures are:

1) When you pick up your race kit, you will receive, among other things, a ticket with your bib number, a pin and an adidas race bag. Use the pin to attach the ticket to the bag and transfer everything you want to find on arrival inside.

2) Give it to the bag deposit truck and remember the color of the matching flag:

  • Campus Bovisa La Masa: Wednesday 24 May from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Campus Leonardo: Friday 26 May from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Saturday 27 May from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Bovisa Lambruscchini Village: The morning of the race, starting from 7:00 am

3) At the end of the race, take your bag back to the truck of the same color as the one in which you deposited it in the Village (even if you deposited your bag during the bib collection in Leonardo) showing your bib number to our staff.

For example: if you have deposited your bag in the truck with the yellow flag, at the end of the race at the arrival village, you will find your bag at the truck with the yellow flag.

N.B. It will not be possible to deposit bags other than the race bags provided by the organization at the time of the kit collection, similar gym bags can be accepted at the discretion of the organization.

Compared to previous years, we have been committed to eliminating the use of transparent plastic bags for bag deposit, in order to make our PolimiRun increasingly eco-sustainable!

How do I get to the starting Village and how can I get back there?

On the morning of the race the Starting Village (in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci) will be accessible from 7:30 am to 8:15; days before the race we will send you an email with the map that will indicate the access gates.

We suggest you not to come by car because the Village of Arrival and Departure are well served by public transport.

Here are the easiest ways to reach them:

for the departure village:Piazza Leonardo da Vinci: M2 Green Line – PIOLA stop (the starting line can be reached walking);
for the arrival village: Campus Bovisa Lambruschini: Ferrovie Nord – Bovisa Politecnico stop.

There will not be a shuttle to go back to departure but the two villages of departure and arrival are very well connected by public transport.

To get back to the start you can take the Passante Ferroviario, track 2 (underground) from Bovisa Politecnico stop (lines S1, S2, S12, S13) or from Villapizzone (lines S5, S6) and get off at Milano Porta Garibaldi stop. From there, take the green line (M2) towards Gessate / Cologno Nord and get off at Piola stop (5 stops from Garibaldi).

How can I enter the Starting Village and how does the starting work?

On the morning of the race the Starting Village (in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci) will be accessible from 7:30 am to 8:15. Closer to the race day we will email you all the information on how to access the Village and where the access gates will be located. At each gate will be carried out random check-ups with metal detectors.

In addition to the competitive one, 3 groups have been created based on the travel time declared during the registration phase. Each group was assigned a bib color. Once you have entered the Starting Village, you will have to remain inside the collection area with the color of your bib until the speaker invites your group to head towards the Starting Area: the competitors will take place directly in the Starting Area.

The first to start will be the competitors at 8.30 and all the other groups will follow.

In the registration form, the answers to the question “How long do you think it will take you to reach the finish line?” will help us manage the meeting and departure of each group.

Is it possible to change clothes before/after the race?

There will be gazebos used as changing rooms only in the Arrival Village. There will be no showers.

Will there be available any shuttle service to get back to the start?

No, but the two PolimiRun Villages (start and finish) are very well connected by public transport.

DEPARTURE: M2 Green Line – PIOLA stop. 

ARRIVAL: Ferrovie Nord – Bovisa Politecnico stop.

Will the race route be closed to traffic?

The time limit to arrive at km 10.00 is 1h and 40 minutes counted from the passage of the last athlete under the starting arc. After these period of time, the organization will no longer be able to guarantee the compltete closure of the route. Runners will be invited to continue the race on the sidewalk for their personal safety. 

The route is 10 km long but there will be some points located approximately at the 4th, 5th and 6th km, near some subway stations so that you can reach the arrival Village using public transport (for more details, see the FAQ "is it possible to walk the PolimiRun?").

The departure village will be in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci – right in front of the historic façade of Politecnico di Milano – while the arrival village (with all the necessary services) will be at Bovisa Lambruschini campus.

The route will cross the city of Milan and will be totally free from architectural barriers and accessible to all.

Here are all the roads that will be closed to traffic:

Start - Via Bonardi, Via Ponzio, Via Celoria, Via Pascoli, Via degli Scipioni, Viale Regina Giovanna, Viale Tunisia, Viale Della Liberazione, Viale Luigi Sturzo, Via Ferrari, Piazza Cimitero Monumentale, Via Luigi Nono, Via Cenisio, Via Messina, Via Principe Eugenio, Via Caracciolo, Via Mac Mahon, Viale Monteceneri (controviale), Sottopasso Castellino da Castello Dupré - pedestrian, Via Castellino da Castello, Via Ardissone, Viale dei Pioppi, Via degli Alianti, Via La Masa, Via Privata Siccoli - Finish

Here the details and the map.

What will there be waiting for you at the arrival Village?

The arrival Village will be set up at the Bovisa Lambruschini Campus (Via Lambruschini).

The services that you will find once you get to the finish line are:

  • final refreshment, with gluten and lactose free products
  • changing rooms
  • toilettes
  • bag deposit, where you can collect your bag deposited in the days before the race

At the end of the race, RDS 100% Grandi Successi, the PolimiRun Spring radio partner, will welcome you for some musical entertainment and animation!

How can I watch my photos after the race?

We will publish the official album and video of the PolimiRun Spring 2023 on the Facebook page Sport - Politecnico di Milano.


Where can I find my race timing?

After the race, in you can find the link to view your time. There will be the ranking of the competitive runners in order of arrival and an alphabetical list for the non-competitive runners. The non-competitive race is a recreational motor activity, so there is not a ranking.