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GIURIATI - Padel Court

Padel is a racquet sport  typically played in doubles on an enclosed court, which has walls and the balls can be played off them. 
It is funny and suitable for all ages, sexs and technical levels. 
this Masterclass will give you techical and tactical bases  in order to play a padel match in your best way
and it is addressed to both beginners and more experienced players, who want to improve their performances.


from September, 27th
to June, 6th!

once a week

MONDAY - 5pm / 6pm   NEW!
MONDAY - 6pm / 7pm
MONDAY - 7pm / 8pm
MONDAY - 8pm / 9pm
MONDAY - 9pm / 10pm   NEW!

THURSDAY - 5pm / 6pm   NEW!
6pm / 7pm
THURSDAY - 7pm / 8pm
THURSDAY - 8pm / 9pm
THURSDAY - 9pm / 10pm   NEW!

Annual cost


Polimi Employees
and Students


Annual cost


Other Subscribers


Basic subscription
(with a valid non-competitive Medical Certificate)

Green Pass
(as required by Decree of July, 23rd)