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Students championships FAQ

How do the Championships work? When do they finish?

The Championships will start in November and will finish in December.
Championships start with preliminary groups, where every team will challenge all the other teams in their group, and after that there will be the playoff.
The Championships duration depends on the number of participating teams.
Matches will be played from Monday to Friday, from 6 pm to 10 pm.

When and where are the matches held?

The main sport areas are:

  • Giuriati Sport Center (Via Pascal 6)
  • Gym of Casa dello Studente (Viale Romagna 62) 

The matches will be played from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Who can be part of the team?

Each team must be made up exclusively of students enrolled in the same degree course (even from different years).
It is not allowed the participation of students that are not enrolled at Politecnico di Milano.


How many players can join the team?

Each team can register an unlimited number of players.
However there is a maximum players limit for each match (for example: 5 a side football allows only 12 players in the list of each match… etc.).


What does it mean mixed/open?

The term mixed, means that there must be always at least two people of the opposite sex per team that are playing the match. (For example: 5 boys and 1 girl or viceversa).

The term open, means that there aren’t any kind of limitation regarding gender composition of the team nor in the field. (For example: an all-female, mixed or all-male team).

Is the fee indicated per person?

Yes, the fee is considered per person. The cost includes the adidas t-shirt and 3 guaranteed games.
It is mandatory for every registered player to have the Basic Subcription that costs 25 euro (is not included in the registration fee).


Do I need a medical examination to participate?

To take part in the competition you need a medical examination that certificates your suitability for competitive or non-competitive sports with also a valid ECG resulting in the standard. After the purchase of the basic subscription, each participant can book a free medical examination throuhg your own personal area of the website.

Is the green pass mandatory?

Yes, the Green Pass is mandatory in order to partecipate in campionati. 


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