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Discover the green run!

The PolimiRun is the first 10 km in Italy to place environmental sustainability among its prerogatives. How?
Reducing wherever possible the use of paper, plastic and fittings, reusing the structures in the following years and recycling the plastic produced during the event by implementing a concrete recycling project.



The first step we will take, to make this and all the next PolimiRun more eco-sustainable, is that of reduction. What will we do in practice?

  • We will reduce the production of printed promotional materials
  • We will reduce / eliminate paper products to be delivered to runners
  • We will reduce setups and print products
  • We will minimize single-use plastics
  • Together with your cooperation, we will reduce transport pollution


The second step is reuse, a very important issue because where it is not possible to eliminate, a way to reuse must be found. What will we do specifically?

  • We will reuse the setups and printed products for future PolimiRun
  • We will only insert reusable gadgets inside the race kit
  • We will reuse the structures of the villages
  • We will reuse the bags left over from the past PolimiRun for the service of bag deposit


The third and final point is recycling: where you can't reduce or reuse, you have to recycle!

For this reason we have decided to carry out a recycling project that involves the collection, through separate collection islands within the village, of all the plastic bottles that will be used at the event. The islands will be positioned in the days preceding the run and will also be present at the bib collections.

Thanks to the partnership with Coripet (a consortium recognized by the Ministry of the Environment that makes the recycling of PET bottles its main mission) all the plastic bottles that we will collect will be transformed into new plastic bottles.