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Activities capable of offering a state of physical and mental well-being, thanks to stretching techniques intended to decrease body tensions.


Activities which the main and indispensable engine is fun.
The explosion of enthusiasm generated will stay with you even beyond the end of the lesson!


Medium and high intensity activities, designed for those who aim to increase strength, body remodeling, improvement of aerobic capacity.


from September 2023, 25th to June 2024, 9th


13.20pm - 14.15pm   LATIN AMERICAN   
with Davide R.

4.20pm - 5.05pm   PILATES   
with Davide B.

5.10pm - 5.55pm   BODY WEIGHT
with Davide B.

6.15pm - 7pm   CIRCUIT OUTDOOR   
with Lorenzo F.

7.05pm - 7.50pm   TABATA TRAINING   
with Dorian K.

8pm - 9pm   YOGA - English lesson   
with Teresa P.


8.30am - 9.15am   CIRCUIT TRAINING   
with Angelo S.

9.20am - 10.05am   POSTURAL   
with Angelo S.

4.20pm - 5.05pm   POSTURAL   
with Lorenzo F.

5.10pm - 5.55pm   CIRCUIT TRAINING   
with Lorenzo F.

7.15pm - 8.00pm   CIRCUIT OUTDOOR   
with Olivier B.


12.20pm - 1.15pm   PILATES   
with Paolo P.

1.20pm - 2.15pm   POSTURAL MIX   
with Paolo P.

6pm - 7pm   YOGA   
with Marco T.

7.05pm - 7.50pm   ZUMBA   
with Dorian K.

8pm - 8.45pm   PILATES   
with Dorian K.

8.50pm - 9.35pm   CIRCUIT TRAINING   
with Davide B.


9.15am - 10am   POSTURAL   
with Elia B.

10.05am - 10.50am    CIRCUIT TRAINING   
with Elia B.

12.20pm - 13.15pm   TAI CHI   
with Roberto G.

1.15pm - 2pm   CIRCUIT TRAINING   
with Davide B.

4.40pm - 5.25pm   PILATES   
with Lorenzo C.

5.30pm - 6.15pm   CIRCUIT TRAINING   
with Lorenzo C.

6.20pm - 7.05pm   BODY PUMP   
with Arian K.

7.10pm - 8.10pm   LATIN MIX   
with Isabella I.

7.15pm - 8pm   CIRCUIT OUTDOOR   
with Arian K.

8.15pm - 9pm   POSTURAL   
with Arian K.


12.20pm - 1.15pm   FLEXIBLE   
with Veronica O.

1.20pm - 2.15pm   YOGA   
with Veronica O.

3.15pm - 4pm   BODY WEIGHT   
with Davide B.

4.05pm - 4.50pm   PILATES   
with Davide B.

7pm - 7.45pm   CIRCUIT OUTDOOR   
with Arian K.


10am - 10.45am   CIRCUIT TRAINING
Davide B. / Lorenzo C.

10.50am - 11.35am   POSTURAL   
Davide B. / Lorenzo C.

Planning may be subject to changes.

Courses guaranteed with the participation of at least 2 people.